Think Deep AI


We help companies from the prototyping phase until the delivery of their projects.


We combine a high-level view of system design and a down-to-earth approach of problem solving. We do our best to stick to the « no-bullshit » rule and give honest feedback on what are the best tools for the job.


We provide training on a broad range of topics such as Spark, Scala, Kafka, Stream processing, Machine Learning or Deep Learning with libraries such as Keras or TensorFlow.

Data Science

We have experience leading projects that apply data science and mathematical modeling to solve complex problems. Depending on the use case we use classical statistics methods, Machine Learning or Deep Learning to build accurate predictive models.

Data Engineering

We have experience building data pipelines that can handle petabytes of data, either batch or real-time, using tools such as Spark, Dash or Flink running either on in-house Hadoop clusters or in Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud.


While we favour long-term partnerships and projects, we are also available for short-term high-level consulting ranging from software architecture, data science, data engineering or training.


We help teams getting up to speed in the long run, providing recurrent coaching and advice through the whole project livecycle, aiming for continuous improvement.